If you go left down the sidewalk, you are just a few steps away from the sand leading to the East Pass beach area. Many people like to fish and snorkel along the jetties at the East Pass.

In case you are not sure where Destin is located, it's in the southeastern part of the United States in the portion of Florida known as the "Pan Handle". Florida temperatures year-round. a favorite place that is convenient to come to enjoy the fresh air, the warm waters of the Gulf and plenty of relaxation! A place where time slows down (remember, it is one hour behind most of Florida!)

This is the location of your relaxing vacation home. Close to the beaches of the warm waters of the Gulf and also to the East Pass Jetty for good fishing and snorkeling.

Yes, a quick walk to the privacy of your beaches (both the Gulf and East Pass) to enjoy fishing and snorkeling in the East Pass of Destin Point.